Thursday, October 8, 2009

There is a will, there is a way

This is the new blog that I set up with Mr. Natee - Toey. I plan to use it as the gateway to communicate between each other and possibly other future colleagues. My job right now is to find the idea, possible way to build our own business which the theme is to specialize in agricultural arena.

First, actually, I don't have to say this. I consider it somehow is unprofessional way to begin with the excuse. However, I will say it only once. The English that I use is not neither the English-UK nor the English-USA. Actually, It's English-Thai, we can say that it's the บ้าน-บ้าน English. So it's no problem for for Thai people or other neighboring countries to understand it. Second, we have to admit - in my perception - that people have more willingness to accept the knowledge in English more than Thai. For example, If you read the news from "The abnormal thinking of Martin Whealer", you will be surprised with the "Ugly Truth" that Thai people tend to listen foreigner more than our own people. It's sad but it's true. He said "I am the foreigner, that 's why you listen to me. If I am just a country boy, you will neglect me"-source Fwd mail, and Matichon. Nevertheless, I also try to use English as the contrast perspective from Mr.Natee. Hope you will enjoy it.

Let's begin with the fact and figure. I found something interesting may be not exactly surprising. The Thai GDP is around USD600 billion. The large parts are in industries and services (40% each) and the agricultural contributed only 10%. However, if we look at the workforce, we found that around 50% of our labor work in agricultural business - source wiki. This is, i think, the first and obvious problem. We certainly can help to increase the productivity of the agricultural in Thailand by many methods such as introducing the hedging concept - locking the prices by the futures, the technology distribution, the natural fertilizer - source, and etc. This seem to be a big scope and pretty easy idea, why other people don't do it or this solution is stupid and lack of any evident support? I still believe that if we discuss until we found a crux, it's not that hard to implement.

Not only the business that we would like to build, but also the benefit of society that we consider. I personally found that farmer and the worker in the agricultural business usually lack of the opportunities in education, health care, and even social existence status. They are dramatically ignorant by the whole society, even though 50% of the workforces are in this segment. Also, I predict that the trend of the world will change to be more toward friendly nature environment and sustainability. I will show you in the next coming posts. the In addition, I am totally agree with the sustainability economic of His Majesty the King that we should stand by ourselves first before we will compete with other enemy.

Last but not least, before I will go to bed, I recommend you to listen to -->

After a lot of bull shit from me, I hope this will help...
By the way, the topic and the context inside is not related. I am just curious why we have to use the "Title" related to the context.....may be i am stupid ...55

Good luck-- Bis Bald

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