Monday, October 19, 2009

“The way to be the Entrepreneur”

This inspiration of this article came from the “Small Business” ‘s Topics in the Business Week, the American’s Best Young Entrepreneurs and The Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. First, let’s guess, who are more likely to start a business? It’s not the hard question, right? The answer is certainly experienced worker. The research which based on the data from 1996 to 2007 from Kauffman Foundation stated that there are twice as many tech entrepreneurs create ventures in their 50s as do those in their early 20s. Not surprisingly, the successful entrepreneurs need the experienced, the capital and the encouragement. I think it is true in term of “law of the large number” which is for sure there will be some companies that are built by young people (if you are interested in the topics, they are available in However, I am quite sure that if we have a strong dream, diligent, and good will, we can successfully become one of the renowned entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the “Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” first, I found that most candidates came from “Indonesia”. This might be implied that there are some hidden potential growths for the future of the country. The interesting and related to the agricultural business is the young entrepreneur from Indonesia. The company produces nutmeg (ลูกจันทร์), patchouli, and citronella (ตะไคร้หอม) oils. I think the two main reasons for building this company are the rich of the raw material in the country and the specialized knowledge of the business. The owner built the company in 2006 and now it has increased tenfold.

Another example is from the “American’ Best Young Entrepreneurs”. Interestingly, the idea of the company came while they, the owners, are study the business ethics. The guest lecture mentioned that people in East Africa used coffee grounds to grow mushrooms to fight malnutrition. Then they started researching, finding the budget, and implementing. Nowadays, they can grow 500 pounds of mushrooms a week and they predict that the revenue will be $200,000 at the end of this year.
In the business week website, it provides a lot of details and other fascinating young entrepreneurs. I am sure that you will gain a lot of good resources and insightful motivation. “Even though the roads are not paved with the roses, If we are determine, someday we will be successful”. Good luck, Bis Bald. ;-)

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